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4 Warnings About Hand Sanitizer

Anna Earl / Via Upsplash / Upsplash

1. Hand sanitizer is meant for disinfecting not for getting you drunk!

Kelly Sikkema / Via Upsplash /

Sanitizer bottles may look like the perfect pump for a few sake bombs straight to the dome, but don’t be fooled!

2. Hand sanitizer may smell pretty good but it tastes horrible!!

Gerd Altmann / Via pixabay /

Trust me, you don’t want to end up like this guy with a mouthful of aloe moisture hand sanitizer.

3. Putting hand sanitizer under your pillow wont keep your dreams clean!

Claudio Scott / Via Pixabay /

Although much research is in progress, the Sanitizer Fairy still hasn’t been verified to actually exist yet.

4. Hand sanitizer and foot sanitizer are similar but not the same.

Andrea s / Via Pixabay /

Don’t forget to get that sanitizer in there all nice and deep like! There’s no excuse for poor hygiene, even if you don’t have hands!

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