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Oh Sees Rehearse Next Album in Quarantine

Watch Oh Sees as they film a live rehearsal of their upcoming album.

Need a break from your miserable quarantined existence? The San Fransisco based, garage/psych/punk rock outfit the Oh Sees (formally known as Orinoka Crash Suite, OCS, Orange County Sound, The Ohsees, The Oh Sees, and Thee Oh Sees) have your next fix.

The band has been putting out quality music since the late nineties culminating in the groups twenty-second and twenty-third albums “Face Stabber” and “12-inch Synth“, both out on Castle Face Records. “Face Stabber” stayed true to the groups recent sound. It was soaked heavily in psychedelic guitars and garage jams. “12-inch Synth” comes from out of the ether to politely pollute your ear holes with atmospheric electronica. If this rehearsal video is any indication, this next album will see the groups sound shift slightly back toward the sounds of “Face Stabber” and “Smote Reverser”.

There are many highlights in the video. Each musician gets their opportunity to stand out and make their contributions heard. It is really nice to see the group embrace more keys and synths in their live sound. Tomas Dolas, of Mr. Elevator whose recent album, “Goodbye, Blue Sky is worth checking out, really brings an extra bit of pizazz to this already packed set of talented musicians.

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