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Tom Brady “Cited” During COVID19

If you are one to scour reddit and social media for bits and pieces of news you would be amiss to believe what you saw without questioning it first. Take this post for instance:

Fake news can be rampant on Reddit.

A first glance, one would be led to believe that Tom Brady was cited for trespassing in a public park in the Tampa Area for violating city or state emergency ordinances. In fact, the exact opposite is happening in this case. If you were to read the first few sentences of the news article on CNN it would become immediately clear what was going on here.

According to Joe Sutton and Hollie Silverman of CNN, Tom Brady was sighted (not cited) by park staff while patrolling the park on their shift. Case closed, why must social media push false narratives and get people upset over nothing.

Looking at the top comments of the post it is clear most people only read the title and jump straight to conclusions. This promotes false information and incites people into thinking something that isn’t true.

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