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Dead and Company 2020 Summer Tour Cancelled

Another summer event bites the dust.

“I Know You Rider” is so wrong, you are gone and we miss you.

COVID19 has claimed yet another event victim. The big name jam band Dead and Company has cancelled their 2020 summer tour. The group took to twitter citing the following:

The well-being and safety of the Deadhead community, venue workers and our touring family is of the utmost importance to us. We also want to provide you, the fans who’ve been hit the hard financially during this difficult time with your money back. All tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.

Dead and Company, Twitter

While this is unfortunate on many levels, the band should be praised on taking a stance early and not leading fans on. They decided the health and safety of their fans, crew and band mates where more important and for that we are grateful. We will miss the hippies with the balloons though.

DaisyDude / reddit / reddit

The economic impact of having the dead come to town is immense is some aspects. Many people come from all over the United States to road-trip with the group at all of their stops. That means various local establishments deeply entrenched in the finer things in life won’t be seeing the heads from the Dead train this summer.

Ticketmaster will now work toward refunding fans and fans will look to refund their hopes and dreams with some quality live streams from available from Streaming every Saturday night is “One More Saturday Night” a featured Dead and Company live stream of a previous show. It is worth a listen if you want a casual, jamming and enjoyable introduction into the world of the groove.

One More Saturday Night: Dead & Company 06/22/18 Live From East Troy, WI

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