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Free Masks For Everyone According to Government in Belgium

The Belgian prime minister, Sophie Wilmès, announced Friday that all citizens in the country would be provided with a fabric face mask, free of change. Euronews reports that each Belgian citizen will be given a mask as part of the country’s transition process from COVID-19 induced lock-down back to normal life.

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Belgium has about 11.5 million inhabitants and have recently tallied over 54,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 7,000 deaths as recently as Saturday, April 26th.

“the spread of Covid-19 has been slowed down, but the virus has not disappeared,”

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès

Some general guidelines of the country’s reopening plan have already been announced.

The first businesses to open will be fabric stores and haberdasheries, perhaps to begin fabricating face masks. The open date for these businesses only is May 4th. All other businesses may have to wait until May 11th.

Masks will become mandatory on May 4th for all who use public transportation, however children 12 and under are not required to wear masks.

Belgian authorities have targeted reopening restaurants on June 8th, but large gatherings such has festivals will not be permitted until September.

Prime Minister Wilmès also mentioned the lock-down restrictions could be reintroduced at anytime if the situation worsens.

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