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Girl Scouts Get Much Needed Bailout

Cookies sales are crumbling… and all that lost revenue has caused The Girl Scouts of Alaska to seek federal assistance.

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The Anchorage Daily News said in a report that the fear of the girls getting sick was too great and the usual six week season was cut in half. According to one of the two Girl Scout councils in Alaska, there are about 144,000 unsold boxes filling the homes of southern Alaska’s Girl Scout families.

The extreme lack of cookies sales has left the council with few options to support their 20 full time employees. The solution came in the form of a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan which was facilitated by the First National Bank of Alaska.

The hardworking employees of the Girl Scouts of Alaska can now continue to provide the online programs and remain on the board to support the families of Alaska.

The mountains of cookie boxes may also begin to decline. According to CBS, companies including GCI LLC, ConocoPhillips Co., and First National Bank Alaska have made large cookie purchases to help the Girl Scouts.

How sweet is that?!

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