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Free School Supplies Delivered For Children In Need

With lock-downs in effect across the world, learning from home is now a necessity for many children. Some families are having trouble making the transition but one Wisconsin based organization is helping out in a major way.

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Future Forward is a nonprofit focused on early childhood literacy with programs to help young readers. Some of their approaches include using one-on-one tutoring and family engagement to help young readers.

The organizations’ latest effort involves delivering all sorts of school supplies, door-to-door, in the Greater Milwaukee Area. According to TMJ4, Future Forward will hand-deliver books, academic worksheets, school supplies, and even snacks to about 100 families.

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Tough Times

Global fears of the coronavirus pandemic have forced almost every learning institution to adopt digital learning solutions. However, some families do not have the resources to enable e-learning for their children.

The organization estimates that nearly half of the students it works with in the area do not have reliable access to WiFi and other digital tools necessary for online learning. 

via TMJ4

The assistance that Future Forward is providing will help these children make it through this strange time. Using pencil and paper is antiquated to some but it’s helping us now more than ever.

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Oprah’s $2 Million Donation Feeds 5,000+ Families

Oprah Winfrey is partnering with Tennessee State University and Mount Zion Baptist Church to provide grocery gift cards to families in need. The NashvilleNurtures program will support at least 5,000 families struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It reminds me of all those years I was doing favorite things on the show, so I would have done you get a [gift] card, you get a [gift] card,”

Oprah Winfrey via WKNR

Support for eligible families will come in the form of $200 Kroger grocery cards, 10,000 of them. The $2 million gift from Oprah is just a start though. NashvilleNurtures aims to further connect “angels” and organizations to rebuild the community torn by COVID-19. The NashvilleNurtures website has an application portal for families in need to apply for support. They have also set-up a hotline to help provide shelter, employment. health, and food resources.

Calle Macarone via Unsplash

Oprah donates to communities and organizations around the world, but as a former resident, she has a soft spot for Nashville, Tennessee. In this time of need she recognized certain communities are at high risk of food insecurity.

“It has impacted black and brown communities with a fierceness that others have not felt and so because of that I specifically wanted these funds to go specifically to the black and brown communities,” she explained.

Oprah Winfrey via WKNR

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Feeding Families

In partnership with Mount Zion Baptist Church and Oprah’s alma-matter, Tennessee State University, the positive effects of the program are already being realized.

“The folks who have received have just been changed forever and you know as well as I know, Nashville needs hope and Mrs. Winfrey’s generous contribution has provided so much hope in our city at this time.”

Bishop Walker with Mount Zion Baptist Church

The foundation for Oprah’s giving spirit is built on her own turbid upbringing and the belief that no one should have to suffer the way she has. By removing food insecurity from the equation, families and communities can begin to rebuild. NashvilleNurtures is exactly the type of program that can turn the tides on a world left wrecked by coronavirus. For info on finding support and to learn how you can help, visit NashvilleNurtures.

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7-Year-Old Makes Care Packages for Navy Sailors

Abigail Pearson is just seven years old but her giving spirit is well beyond her age. The care packages she makes, with the help of her mother, are brightening the hearts of US Navy Sailors in Virginia.

Abigail Pearson
Credit: Monique Pearson via WTKR

Good things come in small packages

Abigail has already made 80 packages for donation to the service members of the USNS Laramie, according to Zak Dahlheimer of WTKR News. The care packages include useful items like shampoo, deodorant, soap, and most importantly, Girl Scout Cookies!

As a Girl Scout, Abigail has been inspired to make the world a better place. In fact, before this endeavor, she has helped organize a shoe drive and collected items for wildlife and care facilities.

“One of our Girl Scout laws says, ‘Make the world a better place,’ and that’s what we’re doing,”

Abigail Pearson via WTKR

Abigail is proving that anyone can make a difference, regardless of your age. The world could use more of 7-year-old Abigail’s compassion and willingness to help others. Hopefully, stories like this will inspire us all to care just a little more.

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Anonymous Donor Gives $1 Million to Hospital Employees

One southern California hospital was recently on the receiving end of a large, generous donation. An anonymous donor gave $1,000,000 to the Dignity Health Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz California to support its staff.

Dignity Health Dominican Hospital
Dignity Health Dominican Hospital / via Dignity Health

“Everyone gets a piece”

A note left alongside the donation stated how the donor intends to have the donation used. The donor wants the money to go directly to the staff, from floor cleaners to nurses. The donor wants everyone to have a piece. The note went on to say,

“Thank you for standing up (and staying up!) to care for our community… This humankindness is what makes you heroic.”

Anonymous donor

The money will be split among all employees at the hospital. Full-time employees will receive $800 and part time employees will receive $600.

Mary Tolan / via Flickr / Flickr

Hospital and healthcare workers around the world are being pushed to their limits this year with an unprecedented pandemic. Many are having to work longer hours with little to no protective equipment endangering themselves and their families in the process. This donation goes to show that outsiders recognize and respect their sacrifice.

The Dignity Health Dominican Hospital has a website accepting donations if you’d like to help them out.

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