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How Dogs are Detecting the Coronavirus

Credit: LUM3N / Via Pixabay

Across the globe researchers are racing to find a solution to the global pandemic inducing COVID-19 . From detection to treatment, there is still much to be learned about the virus and how to prevent a second wave of the fatal strain.

Like Timmy in the Well…

Help seems to be on the way in the form of “man’s best friend”. A study published by the University of Helsinki has added one more skill to dog’s already impressive resume. The study found that scent detection trained canines have the ability to smell the virus in urine samples obtained by both positive and negative tested individuals. Upon future test results, the study hopes this information will be able to assist in the prevention of mass or cluster infection by utilizing scent detection dogs in airports, hospitals, and other high-risk exposure environments.

Credit: John Smith / Via Pixabay

Due to being equipped with approximately 100 million sensory receptors, dogs utilize both smell AND sight together to analyze things around them. While these canines can’t see the virus, the amount of space in their brain devoted to analyzing and interpreting smells is 40 times greater than their human counterpart. This kind of biology has made these animals historically supportive in almost every aspect of human life.

While all dogs have these receptors, there are breeds more frequently trained due to a particularly heightened sniffer. Breeds such as Labrador Retriever, German Shepard, and Belgian Malinois have a long history of scent detection for hunting, security, and military purposes.

John Smith / Via Pixabay / Pixabay

Protecting the Pups

As for the protection of our furry forensic investigators, those undertaking the research have utilized a distance model to expose dogs to the scent without getting them close enough to risk of infection. The CDC has confirmed dogs can carry trace amounts of the virus on their bodies, and has confirmed a few cases of dogs contracting the virus similarly to human infection.

John Smith / Via Pixabay / Pixabay

The hunt for a cure starts with detection. From researchers in universities across the world, to a seasoned trainer and former Air Force survival instructor in Florida, studies are proving over and over that dogs ability to detect the virus proves almost perfect. While still early, this type of discovery offers hope for an end of a global pandemic.

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First World Problems of the Quarantine

geralt / via pixabay / pixabay

The New Normal

With the entire country seemingly on pause we as  a country are learning to deal with the “new normal” of life under quarantine. In this this time we are left with plenty of time for contemplation and reflection. As part of this contemplation we think about the activities that were part of normal life that we can no longer enjoy.

  1. Going to the gym – with the spread of the virus all gyms have been forced to close their doors. What is thought of as a chore or as your daily stress in a blink of an eye was taken away.
  2. Happy Hour – what was seen as the reward for your hard work during the week is no longer available. 
  3. Sports and Entertainment events – with all major sports either being cancelled or in peril we are faced with the reality of having no sports or other entertainment events like SXSW and Coachella.
  4. Birthday Parties – with directives to combat the virus through social distancing people are no longer able to get together. 
  5. Travel – with the same directives keeping us from celebrating birthdays are the same restrictions keeping even the most wanderlust spirited traveler at home.
  6. Going to school/work – who would ever think we would miss two of the activities we complain about the most .

These are just a small sample of the activities that we are no longer able to enjoy. Hopefully a silver lining to this pandemic is that we as a country are more appreciative of the simplest things we take for granted.

Tell us about your new normal in the comments section, we may feature your story in our content!

The Millennial Quarantine Survival Guide

As the days drag on one day melding into the next with no clear end in sight we seek to acclimate to the temporary new normal. For the millennial generation this is the first time experiencing anything of this magnitude and basic shut down of an entire country. What this generation is seeking is a way to best ride out the quarantine. Here is the millennial quarantine survival guide:

1. Make sure your stocked up- this means making sure your liquor cabinet is full of your favorite beverages , the fridge is full of all your favorite foods and necessities, and all the snacks on deck.
2. Streaming Service logins-make sure you have access to all the necessary streaming services whether be on your own dollar or you are the fortunate soul to have good friends that allow use of their login
3. Books- take a break from Netflix and Hulu for a trip down memory lane with some of the favorite books from your childhood
4. Keep to a routine- try best to maintain some sort of normalcy by keeping to as close to your normal day routine as possible
5. Friends- with limited close human interaction having a close group of friends is vital. Having the support group not only helps you but the rest of the friend group as well
6. Get out of the house- as a way to stay sane you need to leave your place of quarantine. Whether it be going on a drive or a walk around your neighborhood. Getting out of the house will help keep you from getting too stir crazy
7. Keep Calm and Hunker Down- at the end of the day there is no perfect guide to riding out this quarantine. The best thing to do is just relax

At the end of the day there is no step by step guide to deal with a situation that this generation has never dealt with before. What we need most is eachother to best get through these unknown times.

Day In The Life: Quarantined Desk Jockey

@chriscurry92 via upsplash

Wake Up!

When that usual 6:30 am alarm goes off!

Realize you don’t have to actually get ready!

Hit that snooze!

Finally Get Up!

@bagira71b via upsplash

Realize you have no coffee!

That moment you realize when there is no free office coffee!

Settle in to your saddle!


@mattphimdesign via upsplash

This is the 8 hrs of “work” aka answer a few emails, check Twitter, check Instagram, “get up to stretch” until it’s time to end the day.

Shut Down and Repeat

  • Crack open that cold one champ you made it another race.
@gonzaloremy via upsplash

The Unsung Heros of the Pandemic

Photo by Orlando Leon via Upsplash

Rumbling through the night stop after stop mile after mile our silent knights ride. What am I referring to when I say silent knights? I am referring to the hard working Tractor-Trailer drivers of America. These hard-working men and women are the backbone of our economy. They make sure your Amazon Prime deliveries around on time, they make sure the shelves are stocked when you walk into Publix. They simply keep the country moving.

The trucking industry is needed more now than ever. With seemingly the entire country shutting down these silent hero’s have stepped up to the plate to keep the economy moving. Moving freight at all hours of the day making sure that we are able to have the essential items to ride out the current pandemic.

Now with how essential this industry is you would think these hero’s would be celebrated. Sadly that is not the case. An essential cog in the American economic machine is demonized. Faced with rising operational costs ,most notably insurance premiums, many companies are facing the hard decision if they will stay in operation or not. A catalyst for these rising costs is the campaign by personal injury attorneys. This has led to nuclear verdicts based more on emotion than facts of the case. As the attorneys are able to convince juries that the Trucking industry is evil and needs to be punished.

With all this being said the silent knights continue to go to work and deliver the goods necessary to keeping the country moving. Now more than ever I hope that people realize just how vital a role the trucking industry is to this country and will look at them more as hero’s than villains

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